Working with nature

About us

Where nature meets technology

Vision: Working with Nature to improve living Comfort and Health
Mission: Producer of Superior Quality Cannabis Dry Flower for Medical use
Values: Excellence, Professionalism, Partnership, Commitment & Sustainability


We operate in a natural countryside landscape, clean and healthy.

Climate is dry and sunny, the best in Portugal for cannabis growing in full Glass Greenhouses.

Set in a 240 Ha property – 2,4 million sqm - our High-End Production Facilities occupies a 20000 sqm, a tiny fraction of the whole area, which is owned and farmed by the company.

All the agricultural activities that take place in the farm are bio certified, among them Meadows, Olive Trees, Cork and Oak pastures.

Our state-of-the-art Facility

A 4000 sqm Glasshouse, fully automated with strict controlled climate (HVAC) for Humidity, Temperature, Airflow, Lightning & CO2 injection (Pharma Grade), contemplating automatic fertigation and lightning as well as blackout’s & shadow screens.

Water from in house wells and collected rainwater is processed by a reverse osmose system to get absolute clean water for irrigation.

Our glasshouses benefit from sunlight radiation. While saving energy we guarantee the best spectrum for a natural cultivar. Most of energy used comes from a 1200 sqm solar power plant. Reducing ecological footprint, it is our purpose.

EUGMP Environment

According, to the European requirements for processing Cannabis Products Herdade das Barrocas has built, implemented and validated Clean Rooms for the processing, Drying and Packaging of our Flowers.

We are autonomous in most of our Analytical tests as we have an internal Laboratory operating exclusively for our production.

High regulated markets require an eximious quality and regulatory support. Reason why we have a strong Quality Structure.

Our Methods and Processes

We use lean and efficient processes for achieving the best cultivation standards in quality and cannabinoids content.

Each greenhouse bay is Harvested and Processed simultaneously. Both processes start and finish in the same day.

Since harvesting, Flowers contact only with stainless steel surfaces.

We do a slow drying process in a 50 sqm Dry Room, at low temperatures, controlled humidity and airflow.

Our Quality approach is part of our TQM – Total Quality Management procedures, applicable to all areas and equipments in the Facility.

We are pioneering Cannabis craft growing in Europe, focused in satisfying the most demanding markets.


Herdade das Barrocas partnerships with the world leading Cannabis breeders, from California, USA. 

With big names in Cannabis Genetics, we are bringing not only the best in cannabinoid and terpene profiles, but also a solidified knowledge and precision techniques for each cultivar we produce. 

It’s part of our formula to ensure the consistency of our Batches, which allied to include the use of our Tissue Culture Laboratory/Nursery allows us to deliver clean, healthy and genetically identical clones to satisfy our Production needs. 

Where nature meets technology

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